Cape Fear Indoor Pickleball, LLC Participation Liability Waiver


All players must sign a waiver in person at our facility before beginning play. Above is a copy of our waiver for reference. 

I am aware that I am engaging in physical activity and that the use of Cape Fear Indoor Pickelball  LLC (CFIP), and interaction with any part of the facility could cause injury to me.  I am voluntarily participating in these activities and assume all risks of injury to myself that might result.  I agree to waive any claims or rights I might otherwise have to sue CFIP, its owners, officers, or employees for injury to me as a result of these activities.  I have carefully read this waiver, which states that I assume all risks of injury.  I am hereby advised that I should be sufficiently physically fit for exercise activities and participation in CFIP events.  I understand   that I should have consulted a physician prior to undertaking any physical exercise.